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If you already picture how the house of your dreams is supposed to look, it's time to make that further important step and find a builder who will make your dreams come true. Builders at Falcon Constructions and Management Contractors have a number of years of experience in carrying out construction work for a vast variety of projects. We  provide quality services to all customers in Hemel Hempstead and across Hertfordshire. Get in touch with our friendly team today to hear more! 

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A renovation allows you to unlock a property's potential without the cost that comes with a brand new build. This also helps to make the most out of the property's best features and make it suit all of your needs and wants. The vast majority of home improvement work includes demolishing some parts of a property and completely remodelling it.

Wooden Garage


A well planned garage renovation or construction of an outbuilding will not only maximise the value of your house, but will enlarge your living or working space too. Whether it is a home office, children's room, gym, or a guest room - converting a garage or outbuilding to any of these will be a smart way to use the free space you have available at your home.

Rustic Interior Design


There is no wonder why loft conversions are becoming increasingly popular and trending all over the world. Whether it is a fancy bedroom, a children's room or a cosy guest room - you can set up anything on the top floor of your house and it will definitely make a positive change in making your home an even more wonderful place to live in.

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Make a revolution not only in the house, but below it as well. Light, airy and spacious - these are the latest basement trends. Basement conversions and basement building in and around Hertfordshire are becoming more and more popular as a clever way to use the free space available in a house.



A house extension can be a very good option if you are looking to maximise your living space without having to move. You can enlarge it simply by building a side extension or by building an additional floor or two. This will not only make your home bigger, but more spacious and airy - something we have found a lot of people are looking for in their home!

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With our wealth of expertise and industry understanding, we can provide tailored solutions to suit any need or requirements. From the initial planning and design stages through to the final construction and finishing touches, we can deliver a fully bespoke service just for you.


Project Management

We carry out construction services to support communities and create a better environment we live in. Here at Falcon Constructions and Management Contractors, we have an in-house team who provide project management services for various construction projects of all kinds and sizes. From a renovation of a small private property to the construction of a large new commercial-purpose building - we manage everything with excellence.

Each construction project consists of many small parts that have to be taken step by step in order to get the best possible final result. To ensure that, each step is carefully coordinated by an experienced project manager. Our professional managers are responsible for budgeting, scheduling, design and construction integrity as well as ensuring client's satisfaction by delivering high-quality end result on time and on a budget. Having successfully completed various projects before, our project managers have a significant project management experience and exceptional negotiation skills.

Our managers excellently supervise projects throughout all of the stages of the construction process, planning the project, guiding the workers and consulting them on design, technical and engineering issues that arise during the work process. Most importantly, they always attempt to satisfy clients by closely collaborating with them throughout all of the stages of the project, getting to know their needs, wants, and expectations, carefully analysing requests and offering interesting, effective and premium quality solutions for your home, office or any other construction project.
Choosing us is choosing superior quality results!

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